What does Aspinal of London and Bentley have in common? What is it that connects Charles Eames with Brooks the English bike maker? Their attention to detail.

Each of these luxury brands is famous for it. They build reputations on it. Every touch point, every interaction, every reference, is carefully crafted and taken care of to ensure it lives up to the standards and heritage it has built up over time.  What is equally unique is their appetite for innovation and ensuring that they are always just that one step ahead of the rest.


Pyott Brand Agency

Creative Director

October 2015


The thinking behind each of these designs explores how even the most ubiquitous piece of design engineering can be made into something that rises above any of the competition.

Uninhibited and characterised by spontaneity, experimentation, intuition, and risk-taking. We set out in search of the right design language, a specific voice that will evoke identification with the subject matter. Not a phase in which to be negative about form, practicality, rhyme or quality.


Here the ideas evolved and their strengths and weaknesses examined. To do this right, the work was lifted from the standard 2D dimensional environment and brought it to life in 3D. The Avance fuel pump, one of two global industry standards, was chosen from which to mould the designs.


The conceptual work was developed with the Avance engineers in Holland. At each stage of design development, the 3D renders were taken through the strident product specifications to ensure that they meet with the proper petroleum manufacturing and safety guidelines. The conceptual design was presented and approved by the board of ExxonMobil. The proposed launch and installation of these luxury fuel pumps is earmarked for 2020 and will feature within ExxonMobil flagship forecourts in Texas, London, Dubai and Hong Kong.