Poems on Buses

Every year the Guernsey Arts Commission runs a poetry competition which forms part of the islands Literature Festival. Initially the competition was open to local poets and writers, but more recently, it has attracted a more european audience with entrants applying from as far away as Greece, Finland, and the Shetland Islands.

Of the 500+ entries submitted, 15 are chosen and their work is displayed in and around the island in the run up towards the Literature Festival and beyond. The islands buses, which forms the main form of public transport on the Island, are the main canvass used to displayed the poems. Each poem is given to a specific bus and route and rotated on a regular bass to ensure readers get a chance to read all of the works. In addition to being displayed inside buses and bus stops, some of the artwork is used to wrap the islands bus fleet.

ClientGuernsey Arts CommissionServicesArt Direction, BrandYear2013