Changing Perception

What does Aspinal of London and Bentley have in common? What is it that connects Charles Eames with Brooks the English bike maker?

Their attention to detail.

Each of these luxury brands are famous for it. Their reputations are built on it. Whether it is the science behind the ergonomic curve of a steering wheel, to the texture and style of stitching on a fastening clip. Nothing is left to chance, and for good reason. But, this isn’t just reserved for the products that they are known for. It is evident in everything they do. From the most extravagant through to the most ubiquitous. Every touch point, every interaction, every reference, is carefully crafted and taken care of to ensure it lives up to the standards and heritage it has built up over time. It is worth pointing out that this is not the only criteria that makes brands such as these unique. What is equally unique is their appetite for innovation and ensuring that they are always just that one step ahead of the rest.

Next Generation Fuel Pump

The thinking behind each of these designs explores how even the most ubiquitous piece of design engineering can be made into something that rises above any of the competition.

From early research, ideation, 3D prototypes, through to the finished design.

The design asks a simple question:
How does the user interact with this piece of engineering and how can it be made a richer and more engaging experience?

The initial treatments explored two of our fundamental senses: Sight and touch. It set out to questions not just what is in the minds eye, but what is in the mind’s touch.


Every idea starts here. (Obviously) It is a process that is uninhibited and characterised by spontaneity, experimentation, intuition, and risk-taking. It sets out in search for the right design language, a specific voice that will evoke identification with the subject matter. Not a phase in which to be negative about form, practicality, rhyme or quality.

Clarification and distillation

Here the real work begins. With a shortlist of preferred routes was found, the best ideas were chosen for further development.

Perspiration and Evaluation

Here the ideas evolved and their strengths and weaknesses examined. To do this right, the work was lifted from the standard 2D dimensional environment and brought it to life in 3D. The Avance fuel pump was chosen from which to mould the designs.

The final piece

With the iterative process complete and the final detail applied, it was now ready to share the final design.


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