Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts

The Hay Festival of Literature & Arts is an annual literature festival held in Hay-on-Wye, Powys, Wales, United Kingdom.

The Hay Festival has a powerful vision that is the social manifestation and expression of the spirit of the times. The festival is a very informal but inspiring event, and continues to attract the most exciting writers, film-makers, comedians, politicians and musicians to inspire, delight and entertain. Bill Clinton once described the annual festival as “The Woodstock of the mind“.

The design celebrates the literary roots of the festival with the traditional use of typography and formatting, which is complimented with the colour and composition of the photography, in itself a representation of the modern approach and variety festival goers can enjoy.

All photography is ©HayFestival

ClientHay Festival of Literature and ArtsServicesArt Direction, Typography, EditorialYear2013