A guide to UK RNDs

The brief was to design a brochure on behalf of Barclays Wealth International, a subsidiary of Barclays Wealth, to promote and market their international banking expertise to Resident Non-Domiciles (RNDs) thinking of investing in the UK.

The intention was to communicate to their international client base the unique expertise Barclays can offer from its long history and experience trading within the UK financial sector, and at the same time, promote the stability, heritage and strength of the both the Barclays Wealth brand and the UK’s international financial expertise in general.

The design execution depicted both the heritage and modern aspects of London’s financial sector. As one of the worlds recognised financial capitals it provided the perfect backdrop as a means to communicate the subtext of the brochure. The landmarks of London provide a testament to its resilience and endurance throughout history as well as an aptitude to adapt and change to ensure relevance and presence in a highly competitive global market.

ClientBarclays Wealth and Investment ManagementServicesBranding | Creative Direction | PrintYear2012